How to Measure for Curtains

Pure stonewashed linen curtains have a way of adding an elegant finishing touch to even the most humble spaces. But before you think about putting any up, below we share some easy tips on how to properly measure for curtains and ensure you receive them the right fit for your window. 

Make sure you have a measuring tape, a pen, and a piece of paper on hand so you could write down any measurements as you go.


First of all, you will need to measure the width of your rod, excluding the end finials. Depending on how full you want them to look, the fabric should measure approximately 2 times the width of your window. So, for example, if the width of your window is 54”, you'll need two curtain panels with a width of 54”. 

Rod width x 1.5 = minimum fullness

Rod width x 2 = proper fullness (recommended)

Rod width x 2.5 = maximum fullnessHow to Measure For Curtains


The next step would be to think about the look you want to achieve, which will determine the right length for your curtains. You have four options when it comes to curtain length:

STILL LENGTH Curtains of this size hang to the top of the window still. This length works best for kitchen curtains and smaller windows.

BELOW STILL This length falls around 4-6" below the window still. 

FLOOR LENGTH Curtains of this size usually reach the ground or hang slightly above the floor.

PUDDLE EFFECT Curtain panels extend to the floor by approximately 3”, adding an extra touch of coziness. Note: not a good choice for pet owners.How to measure for curtainsOnce you’ve decided on the effect you want to achieve, place the measuring tape at the top of the rod and measure down to your desired length. If you’re buying pencil pleat or multifunctional heading curtain panels, start measuring from the bottom of the rings, clips, or hooks.

Now that you have the right measurements figured out, you can get to the fun part - shopping. Our linen curtain panels are available in three heading options: tab top, rod pocket, multifunctional tape; and four versatile color options to suit a variety of spaces. 

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