Welcome yourself to a more mindful home with April Notes

April Notes Sustainable Linen Bedding BrandWhether an adventure seeker or a homebody, a world explorer or a local soul, we all have that special place to lay our heads and unwind. A place to relax and recharge. A respite from this beautiful yet chaotic life. 

April Notes was created with places like that in mind. 

Our design philosophy

Our ethos is rooted in harmony: Harmony with oneself, nature, and with others. We strongly believe that by introducing harmony into our daily surroundings we can shape our lives towards a more sustainable and bright future.

We achieve this goal by prioritizing function and style over fleeting trends to create versatile products that will stand the test of time. Our approach to sourcing earth-friendly materials minimizes the environmental impact, while the on-demand model eliminates textile waste. From the smallest button to the plant-based packaging, April Notes pushes the envelope on sustainability so you can manifest a more mindful home. 

April Notes About Us

Love, Ieva