The story of April Notes is a story of homecoming, albeit not in the most traditional sense…

You see, I grew up in a small coastal town. A place where people lived uncomplicated lives in harmony with nature and with themselves. Where neighbors were friends and time felt abundant.

Upon graduation, I moved out of my parents’ house to pursue a ‘grown-up’ life in the big city. In a matter of years, I finished my studies, had several jobs, met and married a wonderful person and started (literally) building a home together.

As lucky and privileged as I was, I felt my life was becoming a chore. Time spent with loved ones was sparse, days were flying by at the speed of light, and nature was just a pretty picture I’d stare at in between work calls.

Taking a one year break was an unexpected but much-needed decision. 

That time allowed me to go back home: physically, emotionally, spiritually. I’ve gone back to my core values, ascertained what inspires and makes me happy, and set out an intention for a life I truly want to live. 

April Notes is the embodiment of that intention. It’s my way of connecting the old with the new and preserving memories while helping others create their own.

I hope it inspires you to seek balance and mindfulness in your everyday surroundings as well.

Ieva x

April Notes About Us

Our design philosophy

Our ethos is rooted in harmony: Harmony with oneself, nature, and with others. We strongly believe that by introducing harmony into our daily surroundings we can shape our lives towards a more sustainable and bright future.

We achieve this goal by prioritizing function and style over fleeting trends to create versatile products that will stand the test of time. Our approach to sourcing earth-friendly materials minimizes the environmental impact, while the on-demand model eliminates textile waste. From the smallest button to the plant-based packaging, April Notes pushes the envelope on sustainability so you can manifest a more mindful home.


April Notes Sustainable Linen Bedding Brand