3 Inviting Earth Tone Linen Bedding Color Combos for Your Bedroom

There is something incredibly calming and soothing about a bedroom that has been designed in an earthy color palette. So if you are a big fan of neutral hues, soft pastels, and warm greens, our roundup of earthy linen bedding combos can help inspire your next bedroom makeover.

Beige and Moss Green - A Combo Reminiscent of the Outdoors

Drawing inspiration from the outdoors never fails to make interiors feel tranquil and cozy. White walls, beige linen sheets, moss green duvet cover, and earthy decorative details allow moss green to take the center stage, creating a space that makes every day feel like spring. 

Linen Bedding Combo April NotesIf you’re an all-white and beige person, and a green duvet cover feels like too much, a single green accent such as a soft merino wool throw pulls the whole beige setting together creating a dynamic yet balanced bedroom color scheme.  Linen Bedding Combo April Notes 3Beige and Almond - Sunset-inspired Color Scheme

Combine beige linen sheets with an almond linen duvet cover for a look that is undeniably warm and graceful. The natural hue of beige linen sheets instantly warms up the room, while the brighter undertone of the almond duvet cover fills the space with personality.

Linen Bedding Combo April Notes 2You can also incorporate a herringbone weave beige merino wool blanket into the setting for more textures and warmth.

Linen Bedding Combo April Notes 4White and Beige - clean, crisp, and stylish

Keep it simple and classic with white and beige. An extra blanket and pillow shams arranged on white linen bedding take the minimalistic scene into an inviting and homey retreat.Linen Bedding Combo April Notes 5

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