Earth Day: Our Sustainable Practices

From the very beginning of the journey of April Notes, sustainability was our topmost priority. Thus, we try our best to ensure that the resulting environmental impact of our business is as low as possible.

Below we share a few highlights of the sustainable practices of our business:

  1. We source only earth-friendly materials and certified fabrics that are renewable and free from any harmful or toxic chemicals
  2. Our pieces are handmade on an on-demand basis to minimize overproduction and textile waste
  3. We prioritize quality, function and style over fleeting trends, meaning our products are carefully handcrafted to last many years
  4. 85% of our orders are shipped in plant-based compostable packaging, 15% of orders are shipped in recycled cardboard boxes
  5. We use 100% green energy in our office (only from renewable sources)
  6. We procure materials and services only from companies committed to fair labor practices

We know we can do a lot more as a brand. So we promise to you and ourselves:

  1. To give back to the community through charitable donations
  2. To invest in 3rd party certifications that promise social and environmental responsibility
  3. To invest the time in training employees on the importance of sustaining the environment and encourage them to find ways to reduce the environmental impact through everyday actions

Everyday is Earth Day. 


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