How To Fold a Fitted Sheet

Fitted sheets are an essential part of any bedding set, however, they can be challenging to fold and store due to their unique shape. Unlike flat sheets, which are one large piece of fabric that is draped over the mattress and tucked in at the sides, fitted sheets are tailored to fit a specific mattress size.

In this blog, we provide a simple process for folding fitted sheets. Our step-by-step instructions make it easy for you to master the technique and keep your linen closet organized at all times. 

  1. Hold two opposite corners of your fitted sheet, one in each hand
  2. Flip the sheet inside out, so that the elasticized edges are facing up
  3. Insert your hands into the corners of the sheet, holding the elasticized edges
  4. Bring the right-hand corner of the sheet over the left-hand corner, and tuck the corner into the pocket formed by the elastic
  5. Take the corners on the opposite side and straighten them out
  6. Repeat step 4, fold the right-hand corner of your sheet over the left-hand corner
  7. The sheet should now have the shape of L
  8. Find a flat surface and lay the sheet down
  9. Fold the sheet into thirds horizontally
  10. And there you have it! A neatly folded fitted sheet.

For the best results, watch our Youtube video tutorial and learn how to fold a fitted sheet with ease and achieve a neat and tidy appearance for your bedding.


Some people prefer to store their fitted sheets by placing them inside the matching pillowcases, this method can aid in keeping them more organized and making easy to locate when needed. 

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