Home Decor Trends You Need to Try in 2023

You may be seeking ideas to freshen up your interiors as you enter a new year or simply want to bring more harmony and joy into your daily surroundings. Get ready to be inspired, creative and bring more serenity into your home and life in 2023.

Here are some home decor trends we love this year, which can be easily introduced to your living space.


Minimal neutrals have dominated the home interior scene for a few years now. This year, designers suggest adding brighter, warmer tones to keep interiors more interesting and vibrant. Simply adding a few colorful linen pillowcases can be all you need to bring a warm and cozy feel to the room. Our earthy linens in Moss Green or Sunset Rose will create a nourishing ambiance throughout the seasons.

Colors from nature sunset rose towels


The great news is that the interior industry tends to become more sustainable each year which means that consumers are looking for different ways to fight global waste and shop more mindfully. There are plenty of materials that are considered environmentally friendly such as rattan, bamboo, linen and merino wool. Natural materials give a calming, earthy sensation, instantly making you feel more relaxed and grounded. Additionally, unlike synthetic materials, they are free from harmful chemicals and dyes.

Home Decor Trends 2023


This year interior design trends are very much influenced by the old East philosophies such as Feng Shui and Wabi-Sabi. These Asian systems of design value sacred spaces, simplicity, and work-life balance. With a little touch, your home can become a beautiful source of self-care. Think slowing down and creating more relaxed, calming spaces for your home, such as steam showers, hot tubs, and reading corners. 

Linen Bathrobe 2023


When it comes to 2023 home decor trends, the keywords standing out are handmade and organic. This means searching for quality, sustainable materials that last for many years. Now is a perfect time to shift your shopping practices to support small businesses, that produce the highest quality materials and can provide ethical options at every stage of production.

Shop unique, thoughtful, handmade items that are made with care and make your surroundings authentic and different. 

Sustainable materials and craftsmanship


Heavy and dark curtains can make your space feel much smaller, preventing natural light to come in. This year swap your old curtains for ones made from lightweight materials. For example, linen curtains are the perfect way to bring more light and relaxed feel to your home. Linen is thick enough to provide a sense of privacy yet thin enough to let some sun come in. 

White Linen Curtains


The growing awareness of everyday consumption strongly influences the DIY community. More and more people spend their free time repairing things by themselves, re-using what is already there, and creating something new. It’s a fun and therapeutic way to build something on your own. Take an example from our beloved Rachel Valente, who became a true DIY inspiration for us. Among our favorite projects from her cactus house is the DIY headboard. 

We suggest following her for new ideas and tips if you want to learn how a little creative touch can alter a space and turn it into a home.

DIY Project handmade headboard

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