Table styling with Emilie Haberman, Founder of Sunday Gathering

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Get ready to meet Emilie Haberman, a visionary who excels in hosting, prop styling and organizing creative events. You'll get a glimpse into Emilie's thoughtful process, find visual inspiration from her latest table styling and discover her mindful approach to curating beautiful spaces.

Hi Emilie! For those who are unfamiliar with you and your work, could you please share a bit about yourself and what inspires your work?


My name is Emilie and I am the creator of Sunday Gathering. I created this brand to showcase my passion for hosting and gathering. I share content relating to table settings, cooking, event design and a creative lifestyle. I’m inspired by slow living and organic settings. I love for my work to feel authentic and underproduced.
Sunday Gathering
How did your journey in hosting creative events begin?
In 2020 I had started a beach picnic brand called Picnic by the Sea where I hosted bridal showers, engagements, birthdays, bachelorettes, etc. on the beach. I did that for about a year. I loved being able to host those guests and create fun memories for them but I began to feel burnt out and not fulfilled. I took a break and decided to do a rebrand into what it is today, Sunday Gathering. I wanted to widen my horizons and continue to create in different ways. 
What are the core values that drive your approach to hosting events?
I love hosting events that feel easy going and genuine. I always intend on making my events feel welcoming and cozy for my guests. I always try to include elements to events that create connection among guests. 
What trends or themes do you find particularly popular or inspiring right now?
I have absolutely been loving a more intimate setting for events/Weddings. I have been seeing so many people stray away from the big mega events and instead leaning more towards more personalized intimate settings. 
Are there any specific materials or elements that you consider essential for creating your signature table settings?
I love creating table setting with organic textures and items. Linen is always a must. I love wooden textures for breadboards and serving bowls and I have really been loving marble trays and bowls as well. 
What steps do you take to personalize the experience and make it truly special for each client?
When I create settings for clients I have them send me inspiration photos not only so I can visualize what they like but also feel what those photos have in common and try to evoke that same feeling.
What are three things you are loving right now?
Micro weddings, dinner parties, and a “thrown together” look.
Sunday Gathering
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