Easy Ideas For The Effortless Thanksgiving Table

Whether this Thanksgiving you’re hosting a large group of family or just having an intimate dinner with the closest ones, some festive seasonal details help set the joyous mood for the holiday meal. At April Notes, though, we strongly believe that the most beautiful settings lack grandeur, luxurious dinnerware, and big centerpieces. Rather, they are effortless, natural, and decorated with simple elements found in nature. 

Have a look at the ideas below and find some inspiration for your effortlessly charming Thanksgiving table.

A warm and neutral table setting

This neutral tablescape reveals the surprising effect just one earthy floral arrangement can have on the entire table. Try this at home by mixing some dried and fresh plants from your own yard or a local flower shop. Then add a couple of mini pumpkins to reinforce the  festive vibe. Keep the rest of your Thanksgiving table decor simple with a beige linen table runner, white linen napkins, and handmade ceramic plates

Thanksgiving Tablescape

Effortless Thanksgiving Tablescape

A nature-inspired tablescape

This simple, earthy tablescape shows that you don't need a fancy centerpiece to create a pretty Thanksgiving setting. Start with a basic white linen tablecloth, and then add contrast with an almond linen table runner and matching linen napkins. Take branches with leaves or just whatever you can find outdoors as a centerpiece of your table. If the setup feels too simple, add some more fall touches like natural pumpkins, nuts, berries, and any other fall-inspired decorations you like.

Thanksgiving Tablescape April Notes

Minimalist Thanksgiving Tablescape

We hope you enjoyed these simple tips to create a simple yet elegant Thanksgiving tablescape.

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